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Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

Everyone gets so wrapped up in setting New Year’s resolutions; however, resolutions often fail or fall through for multiple reasons. Resolutions can be so specific that we often don’t realize that we are setting ourselves up for failure. I want to challenge you to instead of setting resolutions for 2023, set some intentions for 2023. Setting your intention helps you stay grounded and focused on what you would like to dive deeper into for the year instead of mindlessly floating through the year day by day. How many times have you looked up and noticed it was December and you have not accomplished anything you set out to accomplish. Setting clear intentions and affirmations to focus your mind, body, spirit and hone in on what you want can be way more productive than setting quick goals. Take a look at a few differentiations:


Lose 20 pounds

Save $10,000

Get a promotion


Establish a healthy lifestyle

Make better spending choices

Strive for excellence in my work daily

Resolutions are about feeling inadequate or not “good enough.” We typically set resolutions to feel better about ourselves as we often strive to reach this possibly unattainable goal. They ask us to be perfect, something we can never achieve. They focus only on the outcome, not the journey. Intentions are more inviting and are about aligning ourselves with our vision for our future and the life we want to have. Intentions ask us to look deep inside ourselves, to become more of an imperfect human being. This way, we don’t have to feel flawed in some way as we try to reach goals that society says we should have. Opposite of resolutions, setting intentions reduces the risk of failure because you are constantly working to improve your personal growth instead of seeing an end goal.

So, drop the resolutions, and try setting some healthier intentions for 2023. You will feel much better about yourself when December comes around again.

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